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They Grow Up So Fast

Created by Nickarooski

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Ryu & Ken by I Love Dust

18” X 24” Giclee prints, editions of 25. 

Part of the upcoming street fighter tribute show, “Combo Attack”, presented in conjunction with Iam8bit and Capcom.

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Shadow artist Kumi Yamashita’s wall installation created for the American Express office lobby in Tribeca, New York. Kumi asked American Express employees to take a photo of their profile and selected 22 images. Using carefully creased origami paper and a single light source, she effectively sculpted shadow to reveal the profiles on the wall. via

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Brooklyn-based Alyson Shotz creates artworks that bring to life the invisible forces of nature. One of her installations at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, called Geometry of Light, is composed of hand-cut plastic Fresnel lenses (a type of lens originally developed for lighthouses) interspersed with glass beads and strung on stainless steel wires. Alyson Shotz’ works will be on display from now till January 6, 2013. via

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